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Born in Curitiba, in the South of Brazil, Sig Roeder started the dream of working with Jewelry during the last year of the Higher Product Design Course.


At that time, she developed, along with another colleague, a collection of Jewels inspired by fauna and flora of brazilians State "Paraná". They got 1st place in the "Good Design Award" in 1995. 

The award was given due to the unprecedented use of "Nó de Pinho" wood as a Precious Gem in one of the Jewels. This configuration has become a trademark in her collections with wood.


Sig Roeder started the Silversmith Course at Ateliê Lélia Coprushinski in 2009, in order to be able to print her own style on each jewel created.


There she learned techniques on how to work directly with metal and techniques of wax sculpture, which allows the making of jewelry with more organic forms.


From 2012 to 2014 she lived in Sweden, where she continued to specialize in jewelery, taking part on courses in the city of Gothenburg.

Back to Brazil, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to the jewelry design work, setting up her Jewelery Studio, and looking for partners for casting, polishing and setting stones.


In April 2017, the SIG ROEDER Brand was launched, in an event where guests were able to appreciate, buy and order jewelry.

On the same occasion, the website was launched with the online store.


Sig Roeder constantly participates in local and national events related to Contemporary Jewelry, as well as taking courses to improve her art.


In December 2019, the SIG ROEDER Brand was invited to be part of the "MADEIRA NAS ARCADAS" Store.

It is a Collaborative Store among designers, artists and craftsman from Curitiba City, who create products using sustainable wood.

The SIG ROEDER Brand believes in the union for collective growth.


Idealizing an iconic jewel, that is a symbol of important values, is one of the brand's motivations.

With inspirations that comes from Nature, combined with Creativity and Design, the SIG ROEDER Brand reinforces these values.

Through original and well-finished jewelry, the brand conveys the cultural and natural wealth of our country Brazil.

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